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6 Amazing Ways Kratom Can Enhance Your Sex Drive

Enhance Your Sex Drive: Many people have experienced the great benefits of Kratom. It started from the early years of drinking kratom tea in the Southeast Asian region. Today it has spread all over the world because of its amazing benefits. This magic plant has the power to increase your productivity and reduce fatigue and other discomforts of the body. Additionally, it is known to help with mood swings.

While intercourse is very important for happy couples, there are times when even passion isn’t enough. Studies have shown that people who are regular users of kratom have an enhanced sexual life. Here we will see how it helps with the libido and the overall sexual experience. Along with providing relaxation, we will look at 7 ways it helps enhance the sex drive. 

  • Sensitivity 

When you consume the high quality red bali kratom, the atmosphere around you seems to change a little. You are more aware of what you are doing and how it is going. It also increases focus so you are kind of dazed and lost when you are doing one thing. Therefore, it also increases the sensitivity. You are more open to the surroundings and you feel a little more. 

This helps in understanding what you like best during intercourse and what will feel better. Even though the effects of kratom vary from user to user, you have this feeling more generally. You can use this to get the best out of the best and also pleasure your partner. If you use kratom as a couple, it is all the better. Since it increases sensitivity in both of you, you will feel equally or more pleasure. 

  • Libido 

When you consume this plant your hormones are elevating and therefore your urge also increases. In women, the sex hormone is estrogen. Studies have shown that when a woman consumed kratom, her estrogen levels increased. This is particularly beneficial as with increased libido, the passion also increases. History suggests that passion is really important for orgasms. 

Increased libido is very important for both men and women. Kratom helps to increase the urge as you are now sensitive to how you feel. When you consume kratom, it directly affects the opioid of the brain. Hence it boosts your sexual prow and makes you feel energetic and invincible. Therefore you can use this to your benefit and make your partner happy. 

  • Orgasms

The most fun part during the intercourse is the orgasms or the climax. This is when after a considerable amount of foreplay, finally the partners climax. During this time the hormones are going all over the place. But more often than not, many people complain about unsatisfactory orgasms. Bad sex and reduced libido, are taboo in society. People are always looking for ways to enhance their activities. 

Kratom helps to reduce the urge to climax. Even though the pleasure is unchanged, ejaculation is very important. While women can orgasm multiple times, men cannot achieve that number. It has helped to delay the climax in men, especially, and have much more intense orgasms. A study found that 71% of the people experienced a delay in their climaxes after the use of kratom. 51% of the people said that they experienced longer orgasms and erections. Therefore, they are a very happy couple who are not satisfied. 

  • Performance 


Sexual experiences are very mysterious. The reason is due to intimacy, most people fail to observe any external causes affecting the process. Kratom is one of the external effects and studies have been conducted among regular users. This is to establish any generic or non-generic effects that it might have on the performance. So far, there have been many studies that prove that kratom helps enhance the sex drive. 

The dose of every user was 1200 ml on average. Most of them being men, the study helped to check out the levels of testosterone as well. 72% of the couples said that ever since the use of kratom there has been a severe improvement in performance. 78% of the people said that they usually use kratom to act as a catalyst during sexual encounters. People who aren’t regular users also reported having their performance increased right after its first use. This number was around 35%. 

  • Anxiety 

Many people are known to suffer from performance anxiety. That doesn’t necessarily limit to sexual performance. But it is a factor during intercourse. Most people may orgasm early or have trouble having an erection. This is mostly because they are stuck in their heads and are probably overthinking things.  This is one of the examples of sexual anxiety. It not only decreases the performance but also may cost you a potential date. 

With this magic plant, you can relieve yourself of any anxiety that you may be feeling. It may end up ruining your night and therefore it is best to take cover. The properties of this plant help you calm down and process the ongoing scenario. You feel dazed and lightheaded so you end up performing and not thinking. Additionally, it increases your libido so you do not have time to think. 

  • Physical discomfort 

The entire act of sexual intercourse is to provide pleasure. Due to the presence of any kind of physical discomfort, the performance may be disrupted.  You or your partner may feel discomfort because of a certain kind of pain. These will completely ruin the mood and the performance. 

The kratom plant is known to relieve any kind of pain that may occur in the body. You start feeling numb towards it and hence you may ignore it until after you are done. Thus, it is extremely beneficial for sex lives even if you have pain. 


Having a satisfying sex life is very important for various reasons. It helps with the dynamics of the relationship. Studies have proved that sex is very healthy for an individual. It is because; there is physical activity and fluctuation of hormones. This helps relieve stress and keeps you happy.

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