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5 Ways to Make Travel Easier with an Airplane Pillow

Imagine how uncomfortable you would be if you did not have a soothing pillow to usher you into sleep, especially when you are riding high on an airplane.5 Ways to Make Travel Easier with an Airplane Pillow Going away on holidays is super fun and something anyone would look forward to. But a massively long flight is something travelers understandably dread.

Unless you are lucky enough to get yourself a coveted business class or first-class seat, traveling can be especially uncomfortable, even more so if you haven’t done the appropriate amount of preparing and planning to get equipped for the long voyage. Part of that preparation includes having all the necessary documents, especially if you’re travelling to a country like Malaysia for the first time; so if you’re interested, here’s where you can read more. 5 Ways to Make Travel Easier with an Airplane Pillow

This is why part of your preparation process should include having an airplane pillow to get your trip off to a good start with some rest. There are many good reasons for you to invest in an airplane pillow, and here are some of those benefits. 

Like Having Your Pillow from Home

One of the best airplane pillows to use is one that replicates what you use at home. It is recommended that you opt for one made out of memory foam.  

The point here is that when you choose the travel neck pillow and BODY PILLOWS that can accommodate the shape of your head like how your soft and fluffy pillow does when you sleep in your own bed, having to sleep upright vertically on an airplane becomes less of a harsh experience and can sleep  longer and with better quality. 

The best option for a travel pillow is memory foam, and here is why:

  • It retains the contour of your head and neck. This means that the pillow adjusts to give the user optimal comfort.
  • It relieves any pain you may be experiencing in your neck, back, and head. Oftentimes, this pain is due to the position of your head.
  • In cases where your mode of transportation is moving quickly, having this pillow provides stability against motion transfer. This is especially beneficial for those who experience dizziness while traveling.

Reduce Sleep Apnea and Snoring

If you tend to snore while sleeping, having an airplane pillow can certainly help alleviate this – which is desirable in such a tight space where all your fellow travelers can hear you, which can be quite embarrassing.  

Thankfully, travel neck pillows, in particular, can reduce the onset of snoring and sleep apnea as it helps keep your posture in an upright position and does not lead to any obstructions to your airways.


Prevent Fatigue and Neck Pain

When traveling, another common annoyance is the neck pain that comes with long-term travel in a cramped space. Traveling in these conditions can create unnecessary fatigue due to simply sleeping incorrectly in an odd position. 


One of the most effective methods to minimize neck pain while traveling is to use a travel neck pillow. Having these airplane pillows will help you to not have to  keep twisting and turning to find a comfortable position, and you can get better rest while you travel on your plane.


Some of the other effective ways to prevent traveling fatigue and neck pain are:


  • Strategically scheduling your flight in a way that helps you avoid waking up (and losing sleep) early – which would ultimately leave you more tired.
  • Bring pain medication with you during the flight in the event that you do have pain. Having these options can help you relieve pain (even if it is only temporary) and have a far more comfortable and sound sleep.
  • Requesting that your seat is near an exit row or bulkhead to give you more leg space, easy access to the aisleway, and more room to remain comfortable throughout the flight.


Breathable and Warm

Given that the air in a plane is typically cold or dry, it is important for travelers to ensure a certain level of comfort in order for them to avoid experiencing skin and neck discomfort.


Oftentimes, using the pillows that are provided by the airline does not help ensure a level of sufficient support for a traveler’s head or neck because these pillows are wrapped in uncomfortable materials such as disposable felt, mesh, or a noisy plastic layer. 


While these items are easy to dispose of and sanitize after passengers make use of them, they are not necessarily warm or breathable.


In closing, by choosing a good travel neck pillow, not only will travelers have a more comfortable journey, but they won’t have to worry about skin irritation in their cheek and neck area. In an effort to 

ensure that this is your experience while traveling, be mindful of these tips:


Avoid using inflatable, cotton, or polyester travel neck pillows. Not only are these items not as breathable as they should be, but they do not offer as much support as they could.


Stick with gel-enhanced memory foam airplane pillows if you are looking for an item that provides you more plush comfort.


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