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5 Types of Beds You Must Know About

You have to agree that there are so many varieties out there. Right from textures, colours, styles to brands, everything is there. Well,5 Types of Beds You Must Know About when you think about beds, you would have an abundance of options to choose from.

You can know about a different types of beds, and then make a choice as per your desire or requirement. But before that, you must know what options you have, right? In this post,5 Types of Beds You Must Know About you will get an idea about the five types of beds you should know right away.

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Platform bed

The base of any platform bed encompasses either slats or that of a robust panel to offer a robust support system to the mattress. Some beds even have planks built in the frame, whereas some possess detachable slats racks. Such bed frames sprung as an alternative to the box-spring style. Contrary to the box-spring, the mattress here does not really touch the floor once kept on slats, so there is some sort of space in-between that offers ventilation to the mattress.

Bunk bed

A bunk bed offers you sleeping space for two people (most of the times children) but makes use of the horizontal floor space of just one bed. Attached with steps or that of a ladder, sliding into a bed is a daily adventure. Not just children, but sometimes even adults love them! Moreover, there are many colourful bunk beds available for you to choose from– right from the basic designs to those with other facilities, like attached study tables or even storage areas.

Box bed

It is a bed that you don’t possess the luxury of space. The bed frame offers huge storage space as there is some gap (usually three feet) between the lower base and that of the wooden panel wherein the mattress is kept. Mostly, the panels are linked to the frame in the centre, and you can lift them at the two ends.

Four-poster bed

A bed having four long poles linked to its four corners is known as a four-poster bed. This type of bed has been around since the sixteenth century. Many of you do remember seeing such traditional-style beds in your ancestral homes. Mostly made of wood, like that of oak with intricate carving on the boards and the poles, these beds appear really grand and fetch a regal and a comfortable look to a room. These beds are the most used as such, are versatile in nature. You get more storage, and you can either use floor space under the bed or pick a bed having built-in storage space.

Sofa cum bed

An extremely popular multi-purpose piece, the sofa cum bed, as the name says it all, is the kind of sofa that you can convert into a bed when you need it. You can find it in different styles – you can either simply go for the simple foldable foam diversity or the one formed up of wooden structure having a sliding base frame.

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So, since you have an idea about some of the different type of beds, make sure that you make the right move for your house. Different beds can fit in different areas of your house!

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