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5 Top events Botany to explore

Botany is a vibrant suburb located in Sydney with many things to do, including events and attractions. It has been a favorite holiday destination for both residents and non-residents. There are many Botany events that you can enjoy participating in with your family members, including festivals, sports, gigs and even yoga. Below are some top events Botany you shouldn’t miss out on:5 Top events Botany to explore

  1. Royal Botanic Garden Sydney guided walks

This is among the top events Botany to explore. Here, you’ll come across many amazing volunteer guides who will take you through a one hour walking tour. You’ll see many plants, insects and animals and take some pictures. These guides will also give you a brief history of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. The maximum number of people required per walk is 15 people, although you can also go individually. Early booking is recommended so that you can get space. Although you won’t be asked to pay anything, you can donate something out of your will.

  1. Discover Love

Discover Love is a popular event in Botany where you’ll meet relationship therapist Jodi Rodgers who shares personal experiences and advice for managing better relationships, especially for those living with disabilities. She’s an experienced counsellor and sexologist. Jodi Rodgers has vast experience both locally and internationally working with sexual health organizations.

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  1. Natural Movement Workshop FalseGrip

This event is made to honor how the human body is made and incorporates some fitness movements such as climbing, running, crawling, balancing, jumping, grappling etc. The Natural Movement Workshop FalseGrip 5 Top events Botany to explore consists of a four-hour course covering lifting and carrying, ground movements, throwing and catching, running and sprinting. Most of the games played here are key in developing balance, spatial awareness, collaboration and proper communication. These movements are first demonstrated practically, and then people are challenged to take part.

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  1. Writers Retreat

At the NSW Writers Centers, you’ll find different writing programs about your life experiences as a child or an adult. Apart from this, you can also explain other developmental topics like how to improve self-awareness, self-love and respect. To participate in the Writers Retreat, you need to book in advance, paying a fee of $50.

  1. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for kids

If you’re looking for an amazing event in Botany for your kids, you don’t have to worry. The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for kids is an event designed specifically for the kids. It involves many activities, including games, interactions and Jiu Jitsu. The event is not only fun for your kids but also helps in fitness, boosting confidence, and general growth and development. The classes are categorized into 3 according to age groups, i.e. 3-4 years, 5-8 years and 9-15 years.

These are some of the top Botany events to explore. Others are Happy K – Parents & Kids, Game Set Murder, and Bilpin Weekend Away. Whether you’re on your vacation or business trip in Botany, you shouldn’t get bored since you can participate in one of these events. The best thing about events in botany is that some don’t require any fee to participate.

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