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5 things to know about vape juices

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It is not the difference between vape, Ejuices, and e-liquids; they are all the same. These are the liquid substances you smoke and inhale to your lungs using an electric machine or battery. We have written five essential things that every vape user should know about so that you can avoid spending extra money. Vapourium from NZ, and this will teach you about the essential things about vapes.

Which is suitable for you? PG or VG?

These two substances are vital ingredients in every vape. The vapes mostly consist of Propylene Glycol (PG) that provide you with more flavor hit in your throat that you might be accustomed to from your day when you smoke cigarettes. Moreover, they produce thinner smoke.

Most of the tobacco flavored vape juices have a higher concentration of PG or VG. VG or Vegetable glycerin provides more vapor, a much larger cloud, a smoother hit, and is most common in higher ratios with your non-tobacco-based flavors like your candy and fruit flavors.

Both of them are approved by FDA.

Allergy caused by PG:

Some people are allergic to PG, and they have to face excessive burning in their throats. Moreover, they also face hives like rashes, headaches, and tightness in their chest. If you are allergic to PG, these symptoms will appear immediately, but they can last for some time. For people who are allergic to PG, VG liquids will work fine for them and vice versa.

How much nicotine do you need?

This is an essential factor. You have to choose your nicotine content carefully. You can try from the least nicotine if you are trying to give up your smoking habit. Vaping is the best alternative for people who smoke because it can fulfill nicotine cravings without causing any kind of addiction.

Remember, the more nicotine you have in your flavor, the more it will hit your throat. The more cigs you smoked, the more nicotine you need in your vape juice, the more efficient your vape, the less nicotine you need, especially with sub-ohm vapes.

Flavors of vape:

There are so many flavors available for vaping, and this is the funniest part about vaping. Some companies offer more than 100,000 flavors of vapes as various Popsicle, candy, or fruit flavors.

Strawberry and custard flavors are the most favorite flavors of vapes. Even cereal themes flavors are available, like the very popular Cinnamon toast crunch. Menthol flavors are also available for those that smoked menthols or for those that enjoy the flavor of mint. Even alcoholic beverage themed flavors and coffee are available.

Choose your flavor according to your device:

Vapourium from NZ vapes are very common these days, and because of how efficiently they work, you usually don’t need as strong a nicotine content, but they do demand more power and make your e juice go faster, which means more money to spend. If you are a high nicotine vapor, then it’s best to avoid a sub-ohm vape.

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