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5 reasons to stay in Pigeon Forge Parkway hotels

There are numerous accommodation options that you can choose from if you want to stay in Pigeon Forge! Do you enjoy being outside in nature? Do you want to get a break from the crowded and smog-filled city and instead head to the Smoky Mountains to escape into the woods, clear your mind, breathe some fresh air, and get your health back? If so,5 reasons to stay in Pigeon then heading to Pigeon Forge is the best way to have the amenities of the city without being stuck in the heart of a busy and crowded tourist hotspot. Instead, staying in Pigeon Forge provides you with access to much-needed amenities of city living – like dining options, entertainment venues, cultural attractions,5 reasons to stay in Pigeon and full-service hotels -with the peace and quiet of the nearby Smokies.

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Let’s see a few reasons why you should stay in hotels Pigeon Forge Parkway and why this is the best choice for your upcoming vacation!

Looking to head to Pigeon Forge for your next holiday? Check out Pigeon Forge Parkway hotels for your stay!

Check out Willow Brook Lodge

One of the best options for staying in Pigeon Forge is the Willow Brook Lodge right on the parkway! Not only are you in the thick of things, making it easy for you to get to local shops, dining options, and venues, but you can enjoy the luxuries of hotels without spending a fortune. This relaxed-vibe hotel is perfect for those who don’t want to spend a fortune but still want a nice accommodation option with the needed amenities. You can enjoy the nearby Dolly’s Splash Country, Gatlinburg, and gift shops! Not to mention, if you’re going to an event near LeConte Center, it is just a few minutes walk from your doorstep!

The Lodge at Five Oaks By Pigeon

The next reason that you should consider staying at one of the Pigeon Forge parkway hotels is that you can stay at the Lodge at Five Oaks – just across the street from the Tanger Outlet Center! Are you a shopping fanatic? Staying here gives you the best proximity to the shopping center, meaning you don’t have to walk too far to get great deals on all of your favorite products.

Stay somewhere with tradition! For Pigeon

The next option for you to stay when looking at Pigeon Forge Parkway hotels is the Norma Dan Motel – if you want to stay somewhere that has a traditional and an old-school feel, this is your best choice. You can head here to enjoy a Smoky Mountain tradition – along with must-have hotel amenities like a hot tub and an outdoor pool!

Stay in a hotel with the convention center!

If you are going to an event at the Convention Center, why not stay at the Ramsey Hotel? This parkway hotel is the best option for those who want to go to events and check out the concerts, stand-up comedians, and other acts that come through this entertainment venue.

Close to the Smoky Mountains!

The last reason that you should consider staying at one of the Pigeon Forge parkway hotels is so you can be close to the Smoky Mountains National Park! If you are an outdoor lover that wants to go hiking and get some fresh air, then staying at one of the hotels is the perfect spot.


Are you interested in heading to the Smoky Mountains? Do you want to be close to nearby shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues? If so, then staying at one of the parkway hotels in Pigeon Forge is the best option for you!

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