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5 Myths On Organic Cleaners Busted

When we think about green cleaning products,5 Myths On Organic Cleaners many people assume these products are not as effective as the ‘real’ chemical-based products. As we learn about different products and how they have a direct impact on our health, we then determine which ones are the safest to use while getting the job done rightly. These days, what works and doesn’t work is difficult to determine because of multiple myths out there. 5 Myths On Organic Cleaners 

Though the myths about organic cleaners are inescapable,5 Myths On Organic Cleaners they are simply not true! Non-toxic and green cleaning products are real and effective at the same time. They are biodegradable and have the power to repel bugs and different insects. Since they are made of natural ingredients like plant extracts, aromatic oil extracts, and plant-derived cleaning agents, they are safe for everyone’s health. On the other hand, chemical-based cleaning products contain various harmful agents that may be dangerous for one’s health in the long run. Thus, in this article, we will take you through some of the common myths and facts about organic cleaners.

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Myth 1: Organic Cleaners Are Not As Effective As Traditional Chemical Cleaners

Fact:  The green organic cleaning products, in most cases, are as effective as any other traditional products containing harsh chemicals. They make the organic cleaners specially from natural ingredients like plant extracts that are safe for kids and result in no side effects.  They not only chase away the bugs, but are also non-toxic and biodegradable. One can use its balanced residual water for home gardens. Therefore, the misconception of the natural organic product being effective, or to be used as a complementary product, is not true. 

Myth 2: Green Cleaning Products Are Not Safe At All To Use.

Fact: Organic cleaning products like Herbal Strategi comprises herbal ingredients like lemon grass oil, cedarwood oil, pine oil, and water that contain absolutely no chemical agent. Since they are non-toxic and biodegradable, it is one of the main reasons people are switching to organic cleaning products at home as they are safe for kids as well as pregnant women, and cause no side effects on health. Another way you can be sure of the organic product is by checking the label of being ‘a certified green product’. This label will ensure you buy the product that is safe for you, your family, and your surroundings. On the other hand, chemical-based cleaners have harmful agents that cause health and skin issues, thus, one should avoid using them. 

Myth 3: Organic Cleaners Cannot kill germs, bacteria, and bugs.

Fact: When you think about disinfectants, the first thing that comes to mind is a chemical cleaner like bleach. However, there are varied other types of natural substances that act as effective disinfectants. For example, white vinegar kills a wide variety of bacteria. Likewise, the use of lemon oil and soap nut extracts in organic dishwashing liquid by Herbal Strategi is 100% herbal in nature, non-toxic, and safe for utensils as well as skin. Even if it’s an acid-free product, its effectiveness leaves no harsh residue except for shining utensils. Thus, such earth-friendly ingredients expertly remove stains, greases, and germs from the dishes with no doubt.

Myth 4: Organic Cleaning Products are simply a fad- An expensive product overall.

Fact: With the spreading myths about organic products, many thought that green cleaning products are just a fad for overly cautious people. Another reason people believe it further is a trend is the myth that organic products are more expensive and are just money-grabbing products. In reality, green products cost the same or even cheaper than other chemical-based products. Also, with the experience, people have realized that traditional cleaners do pose health risks as they have found some cleaners to release volatile organic compounds that cause chronic respiratory problems, headaches, skin allergies, and more. Thus, organic cleaners are no more a fad but a way of living a safe, non-toxic, and allergy-free life.

Myth 5: Using more of the product will then give you clean and desired results. 

Fact: While many people believe that an organic product means being ineffective, thus, a larger amount of product has to be used for the desired result. For example, adding extra detergent than the recommended will cause more problems like it won’t get rinsed out of the clothes properly. Thus, the dried-up detergent will cause irritation and skin irritation to the wearer. Also, detergent attracts dirt and grime, making the cloth look dirty. Therefore, herbal cleaners come with instructions on how to use them. Using the right quantity as mentioned will give you the maximum benefit from the product. Therefore, always check the label for the instruction on how much quantity to use for the desired satisfactory results.

As the myths about organic products have been busted, there are multiple herbal cleaners options available in the market that you should know. Products like herbal floor cleaner, insect repellent, kitchen cleaner and disinfectant, toilet cleaner, bathroom cleaner, herbal dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, tap, and shower cleaner are some varieties you can consider to use for having a safe, cleaner home. Thus, the eco-friendly way to clean your home will help you work against the harsh stains in an acid-free and biodegradable way while keeping the environment guarded.

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