5 Best Ever Applications to Watch K-dramas for Free

In the gloomy winters, drinking a steaming hot cocoa latte between the blankets while watching your favorite Korean dramas will set the standard for a relaxing weekend. But if you’re going on a foreign trip and would like to watch your favorite K-drama while you’re out there? Yes, using the most excellent Korean streaming applications on your phone,5 Best Ever Applications to Watch K-dramas you may view them. You may still enjoy Korean episodes using these applications that provide Subtitles on the movies, regardless of where you are from or which nation you reside in. K-dramas have a lot more to offer,5 Best Ever Applications to Watch K-dramas from heartfelt romantic journals to terrible betrayals.

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1. Viki By Watch

Viki has so many programs that can sound suitable to use as your primary drama app, and then check the others if you do not find what you’re looking for here. Viki does feature specific premium material that can only be accessed with a monthly membership. However, if you watch adverts, you still can view most material without one, but there are several popular series here. The commercials are often rather numerous and can become monotonous.

Still, they aren’t always more common than what you’d see on ordinary broadcast television—sort by “TV” for medium and “Korean drama” for the category to locate Korean dramas. If you like, you may also search by captions in French, Korean, or other languages. Because volunteers provide subtitles, subtitle accessibility varies, although most Korean material on Viki contains English translations. Although much of the play took place on campus, students may observe how youthful South Koreans interact socially and how pupils address students of various ages and degrees of authority.

2. Asiancrush For Watch


Another apparent drama destination is AsianCrush. Because its material is more diverse, it has a smaller collection of Korean dramas than Viki. Nevertheless, you could uncover a hidden treasure that’s not on Viki, and it’s a beautiful place to look for Korean films. The video on AsianCrush has English translations. You can view almost everything you discover for free, much like Viki, but you will have to cope with some advertising. However, unlike many businesses, AsianCrush appears to tailor its advertisements to its target population. So, instead of arbitrary services given by local companies, you may get an ad for AsianCrush, followed by one for quick ramen. Enjoy K-drama with hot chocolate here on The Pirate Bay.  

3. Kocowa

When you first glance around Kocowa, this may not appear like there is much offered for free. Television shows, especially new ones, are sometimes established with just the first two seasons available to non-subscribers, which might almost feel worse by not being able to view them at all if you’re dedicated to not spending money. Aside from your first thoughts, there are several shows that you may watch in their entirety for free. According to what I’ve seen, Kocowa doesn’t allow you to sort by which operas require a subscription to watch. Still, if you sort by “Newest” and go downwards for a bit before pressing on an episode, your possibility of getting anything free is greater. If you sort by “Most Liked,” you’ll probably discover that the majority, though not all, of the top options, are free episodes. People enjoy receiving gifts. Who’d have guessed? On Kocowa, dramas are usually accessible with the typical advertisements and English captions. 

4. Tubi


Tubi, which has a lot of free material, doesn’t even have a search function for K – dramas, although their “Foreign Language TV” area has a lot of episodes. Everything here is accessible on Tubi, and all Korean videos have English translations. Ads aren’t as intrusive as they are on other online sites.

5. Korean TV

Korean TV is a unique app with lots of high Korean episodes. There isn’t any intrusive advertisement. With various captions and visual quality options, you can watch your favorite TV series, Television programs, and films. There are also media downloads accessible for watching without internet access in the application. Watch movies, TV series, and other shows, then rate or comment. This will aid the software in curating an interesting video choice for you. You would never skip your favorite Movie or the premiere of the latest show with the Korean TV application. You may access material from several devices using your profile. The app considers all of the wants and desires of Korean show viewers. You may install apps on any smartphone and use them for free.


Kdramas are full of emotion and laughter, and they may even provide an intelligent reflection on current events in Korea’s culture. In this approach, they may be much more than just amusement: Kdramas can serve as valuable education in both the Korean language and culture. With many Kdramas to select from, you’re sure to discover one enhancing your Korean skills while entertaining you.

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