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5 Best Cartoon Shows for Older Audiences in 2021

Are you getting tired of watching the same old movies, web series, and TV shows and you feel like you need to watch something funny yet interesting and unique? If that sounds familiar to you in any way, then don’t worry because we have just the right thing for you.

Maybe it is time you watched some adult cartoon shows on sites like Movierulz 5 Best Cartoon Shows for Older Audiences to kill your free time. Such shows can take you on crazy adventures while giving you lots of laughs through their dialogues.Also read:What Is WatchCartoonOnline?

There is a myriad of such shows out there but we obviously cannot go through all of them, so we took it on ourselves to come up with 5 of the best cartoons shows for older audiences.

So, let’s get right into it and see what shows fall into this category one by one.

  • Family Guy

This show is considered among the best-animated sitcoms and has an IMDb rating of 8.1. The show revolves around peter griffin and his family of two kids, a pet dog, and his wife Louis.

Peter is a goofy and overly confident person, Louis is the housewife and often the voice of reason while the Kids, Chriss and Meg are awkward teenagers in high school.

They also have a younger 1-year-old brother who is an evil genius and a dog who is an inspiring writer and can act and speak like humans. Peter also has a group of 3 friends each having characteristic features.

The show also includes hilarious cutaways or flashbacks that turn any situation into something extremely funny.

  • Rick and 5 Best Cartoon Shows for Older Audiences

This great sci-fi animated show has everything you need i.e., Humour, action, witty dialogues, and cool characters. The story is about Rick an old genius scientist who is a bit eccentric and unconventional and his grandson Morty, a kind-hearted but slow-witted person with high moral values.

Rick lives with his daughter and her husband and owns a flying car. The show features many cool villains and a carefully plotted storyline involving various realities and dimensions.

  • South Park

This show follows the lives of four friends named Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Eric who live in a town named South Park. These fourth graders seem to go through a lot of crazy situations caused by their own ignorance and offensive demeanour.

The show has garnered attention from various celebrities who love the parodies and sarcasm that are presented in the show at their expense.

When you talk about political humour and addressing critical issues of the modern west, there are very few shows that discuss these topics as well as the south park.

  • The Venture Bros

This show is about the Venture family and their adventures in a space-age setting world. Two cocky teenagers named Hank and Dean and their father who is a genius scientist but is an emotionally disturbed person along with his skilled bodyguard, depart on many adventures which are both hilarious and interesting.

The show has plenty of adult jokes and situations that can make you laugh really hard. The show has been around for over a decade and is getting more famous with each passing year

  • Harley Quinn

Whenever you talk about the best DC characters the name Harley Quinn is sure to come up. It is really a cool character and when you mix it with some awesome animation, cool storyline, and brilliant CGI, you get an awesome cartoon show at your disposal.

Harley Quinn is an amalgamation of dark humour, crime, superhero fiction, and adult humour genres. You can watch this show for free on kiss cartoon. The series is literally so fun to watch all thanks to the well-written plot, and on-point voice acting by the entire cast.

Wrapping it Up

So, try out these cool and fun shows to watch in your free time. We have picked these cartoons after carefully considering recent trends, viewer and IMDb ratings, and popularity. We are quite sure you can find the best adult cartoon show that you are looking for from the above list.

Pick a show from the above-mentioned ones and forget about wasting your precious time on repetitive, boring, and less interesting movies and shows.

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