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5 Best Car Insurance Singapore In 2021

Every car owner needs an insurance cover to drive in Singapore. And when shopping for the best car insurance, you are likely to find a variety of rates offering the same coverage.5 Best Car Insurance Singapore You might be tempted to go for the company that promises to save you lots of money, but the best practice is to choose one with competitive rates and good services.

:This article will look into some of the best car insurance Singapore in 2021

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MSIG Car Insurance

Being one of the longest-serving insurance companies in Singapore, MSIG Car Insurance opens our list of best car insurance Singapore in 2021. This company has built a solid reputation over the years and worn the hearts of conservative and brand-conscious drivers.

What sets this insurer apart from its competition is their car loan protection benefit. If a car owner acquires a vehicle through a loan and passes away before the debt is fully settled, MSIG Car Insurance will clear the outstanding arrears. That way, the surviving family can focus on giving a good send-off, other than the debt.

MSIG offers two comprehensive plans: MotorMax and MotorMax Plus car insurance. The main difference between the two is the workshop policy. The MotorMax is the cheaper option with over 30 authorized workshops,5 Best Car Insurance Singapore while MotorMax Plus allows you to visit any workshop. The latter can be a good option if you need benefits such as transport allowance, loan protection, or a replacement car.

FWD Classic Insurance

FWD is one of the most user-friendly insurers that is fully digital. You can request a quote and buy your car sr22 insurance alabama plan on their website in a few clicks.

Typically, what makes this company Singaporeans’ favorite is their capacity to recognize responsible drivers for safe driving. They are the only insurer that offers a 50% No Claim Discount for life, as long as you renew your plan with them.

Besides, while other insurers require you to list additional drivers who will use your car to avoid paying a higher excess, FWD’s coverage extends to everyone you want to trust with your car. They offer three car insurance plans, including Classic (cheapest), Executive (average), and Prestige (most expensive). These plans roughly cover the same things; the difference is their claim limits. So unless you drive an expensive car, a Classic plan is often sufficient for many Singaporean drivers.

Car Insurance

NTUC Income Car Insurance

If you value convenience, NTUC Income Car Insurance should be your go-to insurer. This company has a reliable emergency assistance team, Orange Force, which is always ready to come to your rescue at the scene of an accident. They’ll help arrange for vehicle removal, medical assistance and assist you with the insurance claim. It’s certainly a unique benefit that you might not find anywhere else, making NTUC Income Car Insurance an excellent choice for your peace of mind during an accident.

NTUC Income Car Insurance offers two comprehensive policies: NTUC Income Drivo Classic and Premium plans. The primary difference between the two is workshop policy. The Drivo Classic plan is the cheaper option that restricts you to certain NTUC Income-approved workshops, while Premium puts you at liberty to visit any workshop. The latter can be a good option if your car is still under warranty and you want to take it to the dealer’s workshop.

DirectAsia Insurance

Although DirectAsia Insurance is relatively new in the industry, it has earned its place among Singapore’s best car insurance. They are known for giving their policyholders an incentive to encourage safe driving. For example, if a policyholder keeps their 50% No Claim Discount for five years, they’re rewarded 60% No Claim Discount and 10 % discount on their insurance premiums.

DirectAsia Insurance provides Third Party liability coverage, Third Party plus Fire and Theft, and Comprehensive car insurance plans. Their policies are customized to resonate with your unique needs, such as repatriation costs coverage, 24-hour breakdown assistance, choice of workshop, medical expenses coverage, and more.

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Aviva Car Insurance

If you’re looking for an insurance company in Singapore that is considerate of young and inexperienced drivers,5 Best Car Insurance Singapore think Aviva car insurance. While most insurers consider people under the age of 27 as a high-risk group, Aviva has a cut-off age of 24 years. However, they impose a much higher excess to mitigate the risk.

Aviva offers three plans, including Lite (cheapest), Standard (average), and Prestige (most expensive). The Lite plan is usually sufficient for most drivers, as it enables you to repair your car in over 30 workshops.

The Takeaway

Car insurance can help protect you, your loved ones, and other road users against losses and damages that arise from an auto accident. It can help you cover medical expenses, death-related costs, lost or damaged belongings, and repair or replacement of your vehicle. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a good car insurance company and a policy that suits your unique needs best!

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