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4 PDFBear Online Tools to Resolve Your Electronic File Management Problems

Many people might have different problems in managing and organizing their electronic files. If you’re one of them, the struggles may continue if you don’t learn how to do it the right way or use the appropriate and reliable computer software to help you successfully make it done. That’s why it has been for everyone’s benefit when tons of websites came into existence in providing free services and various helpful web-based file tools. 

One of the most popular sites you can find on the internet is PDFBear. It’s not computer software that you have to get downloaded and installed on your device. The PDFBear platform comes with different file tools that you can only access on its official website absolutely free of charge. Here are a few web-based tools of PDFBear below, and check the features of each one that will surely help you resolve any of your electronic file management problems. 

Online Password-Protect Tool

The first file tool in the row of PDFBear is the password protect PDF. When you have files that contain data and information with a certain level of confidentiality, that’s the time you’ll be needing this particular tool because it allows you to protect your PDF files from any possibilities of unwanted file retrieval and use. 

Using the password-protect tool of PDFBear, you can go ahead and set up a security password in a matter of a few minutes. You only have to customize a strong password, integrating different characters like capital and small letters, numbers, and some symbols you want to include.  

Just make sure that the password is strong enough not to be easily decoded by anyone who wants to access your PDF files without your knowledge. Then., moving forward, your PDFs are always safe and secure. That’s the easiest way of giving your PDF files full protection using PDFBear. 

Online Unlocking PDF Tool

If there‘s a tool to set up a password, there’s also another tool of PDFBear to remove it. It’s the unlock PDF tool online. If you have passworded PDF files that don’t have any sensitive information or data, you might be considering taking off the password you’ve set up. By doing so, it’ll be easy and convenient for you to open and close the PDF files you want without worrying about providing the wrong password

Most people usually forget any password for different accounts and PDF files that they are supposed to remember every day. It’s pretty true, especially if you’re so busy and bombarded with many tasks and projects. Hence, to lighten your workload, you can remove some passwords in other PDFs that only contain general and basic information, and you can always use the unlock PDF tool of PDFBear anytime. 

Delete-Page Tool

PDF files contain essential information that you usually use for different purposes. However, as time goes by, you’ll notice that some pieces of this information tend to get out of date or be of no use at all. The resolution that might come first in your head is to create an entirely new PDF file, but it’s something that will surely cost you more time and effort. 

Don’t worry because PDFBear has a specialized tool you can use for free to resolve this issue. Instead of creating a completely new PDF document, you can simply remove some pages in your PDF that only contain unwanted information using the delete-page tool of PDFBear. The process is pretty easy and quick. It’ll require you to get your PDF files uploaded on the PDFBear website. 

After that, you have to choose the particular page numbers you want to delete manually. The system will then save the changes you’ve made in your PDF files that will usually take a couple of minutes to complete. There you have it! Your PDF files have been successfully updated using the online tool of PDFBear. That’ll surely be more time-saving than creating a completely new one. 

eSign PDF Tool Online 

This next tool of PDFBear has been widely used for any legal documents that require a signature to ensure validity, authenticity, and credibility. It may look infeasible to sign your PDF files because you can’t simply grab a pen and write your signature down. 

However, using this eSign PDF tool of PDFBear, adding your signature to your electronic PDF files becomes pretty straightforward and quick. You only have to maneuver the computer mouse or use its touchpad to input the required signature on the electronic PDFs manually. That’s how fast it is to sign your PDF files using PDFBear. 

How to sign a document online?

You’ll need to import the PDF document first, then choose a signature type and type or draw a signature. This digital signature should be added to the appropriate document. If you already have a signature prepared, you can quickly add it to the PDF document.


You may encounter different problems with electronic file management along the way. However, the help of the PDFBear online tools will surely give you the confidence that any electronic file management can become a piece of cake. Hence, claim that confidence now with the PDFBear platform.

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