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4 AI Technologies To Bring Your Business Into the Future

Artificial Intelligence is a computer science discipline introduced in the 1950s and is arguably the most complex creation of man. Though this technology is still in its early stages of evolution, it has made a revolutionary impact on the business world. This impact and rapid growth show that AI is not just a fad;4 AI Technologies To Bring Your it will grow and change various aspects of businesses worldwide. Artificial Intelligence involves numerous technologies which have unique functions, and others are still being invented. This article explains some of the AI technologies you can use to bring your business into the future.

Reactive Machines By Business

Reactive machines are the oldest form of AI systems that started the AI revolution. Just like the name suggests, reactive machines react to existing conditions. They have minimal technical capabilities and do not execute memory-based functions. In simple terms,4 AI Technologies To Bring Your these forms of artificial intelligence systems immediately respond to inputs but can’t store the experiences and utilize the actions for future reactions. Instead, they respond to similar situations, in the same way, every time. An example of reactive AI is spam filters.

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Limited Memory Machines For Business

Limited memory machines are types of AI machines that perform similar to reactive machines. However, unlike reactive machines, these can extract historical data, facts, and events to make decisions. Today, most AI machines fall under this type and are commonly used in self-driving cars, virtual voice assistants, and chatbots. Only three significant kinds of machine learning models possess limited memory. They include;

  • Long Short Term Memory (LSTMs)
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Evolutionary Generative Adversarial Networks.

Theory of Mind

Limited memory and reactive machines are functional today, and you can incorporate them into your business operations.  The Theory of the Mind AI system is an Artificial Intelligence still in development. It aims to understand better the people it is interacting with by discerning their emotions, thought processes, needs, and beliefs. The developers are making the machines understand humans and understand the factors that determine their thinking process.


Self-aware technology systems are among the least known types of AI and it involves machines with human-level consciousness. Just like the Theory of the Mind, self-aware systems are still in the developmental stages, but you as a business owner should invest in them once they are in the market. It is the ultimate objective of AI systems and their study. According to research, while the theory of the mind AI focuses on replication and comprehension of human practices, self-awareness evokes emotions in the people it interacts with. It can understand their desires, feelings, needs, and beliefs.

There are many AI technologies that your business can adopt to increase profits and even improve security. Though some of these technologies are still being developed, they will surely be in the market soon. It is therefore essential to understand each of these technologies, their operation, and their advantages. Luckily, you can gain knowledge about these AI systems in the comfort of your home through online courses with a prestigious university or even the massive information available on the internet.

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