3 Things that Egypt is Famous For

Egypt is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It offers plenty of tourist attraction spots that most people in the world are familiar with.3 Things that Egypt is Famous For Who doesn’t know about the pyramids and the mummies? Egypt has them. So, what else can you expect from Egypt? Here are 3 things that Egypt is famous for:

  • Pyramids and the Nile River

The most common tourist destinations in Egypt are the Pyramids and the Nile River.3 Things that Egypt is Famous For The Pyramids are ancient structures which still hold plenty of mysteries today. In Egypt, you can find many pyramids, and there are plenty of interesting stories behind the pyramids of Egypt. The Pyramid of Giza is one of the seven wonders in the world that is still becoming a popular tourist destination in Egypt today. The site around the Pyramid of Giza provides stunning views, and you can also find the Great Sphinx of Giza there.

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In Egypt, the Nile River is also a popular tourist destination, and it is a famous place in the world. It is one of the longest rivers in the world, and it’s the biggest one in Africa. You can go to the Nile River and explore its waterways or find how the locals perform their customs around this river.

  • Egypt Casinos and Hotels

Egypt is also popular for its casinos and hotels. Most of the time, the casino establishments in Egypt will be a part of hotel establishments there. So, tourists can play at the casino while staying at the hotel in the same establishment. Various casinos are available in Egypt, including Casino Royale, Aladin Casino, Vegas Casino Sharm Elsheikh, Casino Berriere El Gezirah, and others. Despite the country prohibiting gambling and betting activities, casino establishments can still operate in Egypt. You can also still access the best sports betting site from Egypt, since online casinos are still unregulated there.

The hotels in Egypt offer stunning sceneries and luxurious services, and you can enjoy your stay in the hotels in Egypt at an affordable price of around $50-$300 per night. So, it’s a great way for you to enjoy the best in Egypt.

  • Cairo and Alexandria

Next, the things that Egypt is famous for are Cairo and Alexandria. Most tourists that come to Egypt will always visit Cairo and Alexandria. These are two cities that have plenty of tourist attraction spots, and these cities often become the faces of Egypt. Cairo is the capital city of Egypt, and many people call it the mother of the world. There are plenty of monuments and Islamic architectures you can find in Cairo, and this city also has a vibrant nightlife, which you can enjoy while staying there.

Alexandria is a city in Egypt built by Alexander the Great, one of the greatest people in the world. This is a port city near the Mediterranean Sea that offers lots of historic architecture. There are plenty of popular spots in Alexandria you can visit, including Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Qaitbay Castle, Saint Catherine Cathedral, and many others.


These are things that Egypt is famous for, which attract tourists from all over the world to Egypt. You can explore these things in Egypt when you decide to travel there.

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