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3 Reasons Why Email DLP is Important for Businesses

One of the most important things about running a business is making sure that the business is secure. Although there are physical aspects of this idea,3 Reasons Why Email DLP is Important such as physical security guards or locking up properly at the end of the day, as the world grows more and more acclimated to using the internet, there is a need to enact safety measures online so that your business can keep growing and stay safe. Therefore, it is important to invest in different kinds of Data Loss Prevention (DLP),3 Reasons Why Email DLP is Important especially when it comes to emails. 

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Almost every company sends out emails every day, and every email creates an opening for internal and external threats alike to have access to a company’s information, putting companies at risk of being compromised. Here are a few reasons why it is important to establish proper email dlp measures.

Business Financial Security By Important

One of the most common reasons a hacker tries to steal a company’s data is to make money. They often try to steal passwords or credentials in order to steal or access company funds. This can be detrimental, especially to smaller businesses that don’t have the ability to recover from major financial losses. If a hacker doesn’t steal from the business directly, they could end up taking from either employee or customer accounts, which would make a business liable for those losses. If a company isn’t trying to recover its own funds from a major hack or leak, there is always the possibility of a lawsuit that could cost companies thousands or even millions of dollars, depending on the severity of the damages.

Employee and Customer Safety

Depending on the type of business, companies have access to all kinds of information in regards to their customers and employees. The most common pieces of information that hackers try to gain access to are credit card and bank account information to steal their money or sell the information to other malicious sources. Although this information isn’t typically discussed over email, it’s possible that hackers could uncover employee passwords or send malware that could give them access to this information. Therefore, monitoring emails and watching for phishing emails can quite possibly save customers from financial ruin.

There are also possible risks of compromising employees’ and customers’ physical safety by exposing home addresses or contact information. Although the standard criminals who hack company accounts for money, it’s also entirely possible for hackers to be seeking out physical harm as well. Thus, protecting a company’s information could very much keep their employees and customers safe from physical harm.


Although the concept of a company saving face initially sounds superficial, a company’s reputation is one of the most essential parts of running a business. Customers are more likely to choose a company that they feel as though they can trust, and potential employees also tend to look for employers whom they feel safe working with. That positive reputation can build sales as well as employee efficiency and loyalty, which in turn, can create an exponential amount of growth.

However, if a company experiences a breach of security, it can cause its reputation to plummet. With social media on the rise, it’s more than likely that the news of a major information leak could spread and lead to it being a public scandal. Not only would customers start to end their relationships with the company, but there would be the risk of investors pulling their funds. If investors withdraw their investments in the company, it could face a steep drop in stocks, and thus cause more financial damage. 

Final Thoughts for Important

Thousands of companies send hundreds of thousands of emails every day. There are millions of windows of opportunities in which hackers can either infiltrate a company with malware or steal sensitive information. For the sake of the company’s well-being and possibility for growth, it is essential for every company to establish proper data security measures in order to prevent any loss of information.

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