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3 Fun Facts About the South Florida Science Center in West Palm Beach

The South Florida Science Center and Aquarium (SFSCA) is a popular attraction in West Palm Beach, Florida. 3 Fun Facts About the South This museum is owned and operated by WPB Waterfront Properties and the City of West Palm Beach. SFSCA opened its doors to the public on October 25, 2003. It has been voted as one of the top five places to take children by CNN.

SFSCA is home to more than 100 hands-on exhibits that are designed for children of all ages. The museum also boasts of being home to some of the largest sharks on display in the world.3 Fun Facts About the South 

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The South Florida Science Center & Aquarium is the only facility like it in the region. It combines three brilliant ideas: a Science Center, an Aquarium, and a Children’s Museum.

Fact #1: The center has an IMAX theatre!

The South Florida Science Center has an IMAX Theater, and it is really big and has a lot of different movies. One of them is about dolphins and their life, and it is kind of like a documentary. It is really interesting what the dolphins do in the ocean and how they interact with each other. Their intelligence is contained within their brains. Some dolphins live in groups, and some live by themselves. There are also dolphins that live in groups with other animals such as whales, so they can support each other when they look for food. You can find several other interesting and educational movies and videos like these in the theatre.

Fact #2: On the first Wednesday of every month, the South Florida Science Center hosts a free “Science Café” for adults to discuss a current science topic over a cup of coffee and a snack.

Science Cafés are a relatively new idea, but they are growing in popularity across the globe. These events are held in public places like museums, libraries, and parks. At the Science Café, adults can come to listen to a brief talk about a certain topic of interest, usually an interesting research study or theory.

The way it works is that researchers give a presentation for 10-15 minutes about their work followed by a discussion with the audience. Usually, coffee is served after the presentation, and people can mingle and discuss ideas with other attendees.

At these events, scientists and non-scientists can come together to discuss topics in the sciences over food and drinks. 

The goal of “Science Café: The Meaning of Life” is to educate adults with fun activities that illustrate how science impacts their daily lives while encouraging them to think critically.

Fact #3: Every Saturday from 11 am to 1 pm, kids can participate in hands-on science experiments

The South Florida Science Center has over 300 interactive exhibits, so it’s no surprise that it’s a great place for families with children to spend some time.

The best part of the science center is its hands-on science experiment room. It features multiple projects that you can conduct on your own. Some of the experiments are catered towards kids, while others are geared more towards adults. For example, there is a project that will teach you how to make your own snow globe on the cheap! The experiments are designed for all ages.

The South Florida Science Center displays a collection of science exhibits that are both fun and educational. The museum offers hands-on science experiments for visitors of all ages to learn about different topics in science.

In addition to the exhibits, the Science Center also offers a variety of activities and events for children and adults, including a summer camp program, birthday parties, after-school programs, group tours, a gift shop, and a café. Many of their events are free or have a small fee to enter.

The museum also has a number of special events year-round that require an additional fee.

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