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10 years later, Autistic people are more sensitive to pain

In the Jerusalem Post, I saw the article “Autistic people more sensitive to pain than others – Israeli study”.  Thank you Tel Aviv University for finally recognizing this fact, but you are about 10 years behind the times.

For most parents, who are trying to conceive a child, things go according to plan, and 9+ months later a baby boy or a baby girl is born.

But sometimes creating a new life can feel like you are taking a spin on a roulette wheel on the Ozwin Casino website, even if you are taking advantage of Ozwin casino bonus codes,

10 to 20% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage.  But the actual number is likely higher because many miscarriages occur very early in pregnancy — before you might even know about a pregnancy.  So some estimate that about 30% of all pregnancies end is miscarriage.  So we are talking about roughly 1 in 3 pregnancies ends in miscarriages.

Of the other 66% of pregnancies, there are the ones that end in abortion …

  • 1.3% of abortions are after 21 weeks.
  • 6% of abortions are done after 15 weeks.

Most of these abortions are usually due to either the woman’s life being in danger or else there being a birth defect in the fetus that could not be detected earlier in the pregnancy.

And than there are conditions where it is not physically obvious that there is something wrong, and there are no genetic tests to determine that something is wrong.  Autism falls into this category.

What is autism?

Nobody really knows what autism is.  You cannot test a person for autism.  You may not even be able to tell a person is autistic even by looking at them.

What is autistic spectrum?

Autistic spectrum is a whole range.  It can range from very mild (and the person can be a productive member of society), to very severe (where the person cannot even live by themself).  On top of that, there are money issues.  Fetal alcohol syndrome displays similar symptoms (behaviors) as autism.  But if a child is labeled with autism, they will get more funding than if the child is labeled with fetal alcohol syndrome.  Not to mention the stigma to parents when a child is labeled with fetal alcohol syndrome.

What happened in 2012?

In 2012, the book Carly’s Voice: Breaking Through Autism was published.  To quote the description of the book from Amazon:

At the age of two, Carly Fleischmann was diagnosed with severe autism and an oral motor condition that prevented her from speaking. Doctors predicted that she would never intellectually develop beyond the abilities of a small child. Carly remained largely unreachable through the years. Then, at the age of ten, she had a breakthrough.

While working with her devoted therapists, Carly reached over to their laptop and typed “HELP TEETH HURT,” much to everyone’s astonishment. Although Carly still struggles with all the symptoms of autism, she now has regular, witty, and profound conversations on the computer with her family and her many thousands of supporters online.

One of the first books to explore firsthand the challenges of living with autism, Carly’s Voice brings readers inside a once-secret world in the company of an inspiring young woman who has found her voice and her mission

I had thought that the incident was “She typed ‘help’, held onto her stomach, and then went behind the couch and vomited.”   But the details of the exact event are not what is important.  What is important was that she communicated, and her parents encouraged her to communicate.  In the book, she describes what Autism is (at least for her).

What is autism according to Carly?

Carly described Austism as feeling like a bunch of ants are crawling around on the inside of your skin.

Why did this have a profound impact on me personally?

I had a son, who was around 8 or 9 years old when this book was published.

When my son was 4 years old, he got his 2nd dose of the Varicella vaccine.  He had already gotten 1 Varicella vaccine and 2 doses of the MMR vaccine.  All of these were made with eggs, and he was diagnosed as having an egg allergy when he was 6 months old.

After he got the second dose of the Varicella vaccine, he described what was going on inside his body as “feeling like a bunch of ants crawling around under my skin”.  In other words, he described what he physically feeling using the EXACT same words as how Carly described Austim.

Is there connection between Autism and undiagnosed food allergies?

There is.  A lot of people who have autism also have stomach issues.  If they have undiagnosed food allergies and they are constantly being exposed to foods they are allergic to, they are going to have stomach issues.

Is there a connection between Autism and the MMRV vaccines?

People thought there was a connection, because the MMR vaccine and the Varicella vaccine are given starting at the age of 12 months, and that is when Autistic behavior starts to show itself.

They have done tests, and there is nothing in the actual vaccine that can cause autism.  In fact, doctors do not even know what exactly Autism is.  On top of that, due to insurance and government funding issues, there are a lot of conditions that doctors classify under the general umbrella of Autism.

On the other hand, if your child has an undiagnosed food allergy to eggs, and then 4 times, you inject eggs (essentially into every cell in the body, through the vaccines), and you have no idea what is going on, and you continue to feed your child eggs and things containing eggs, you are going to end up with a child who is in constant pain.

What was my family’s personal experience?

When my son was 4 years old, he got the final vaccine in the 4 vaccine MMR+V vaccine series.  Within a short period of time, he started to complain that it felt like ants were crawling around inside him, under his skin.

If we tried to feed him something that even contained a small amount of eggs, for example, a cupcake that was made with eggs, he felt as if his throat was burning / itching.

It was scary.  I had fears that he would eat something, start choking, and we would have to call 9-1-1.

The itchiness under his skin lasted around 2 weeks, the amount of time it took for the allergens to leave his body completely.  But that meant that we had to put him on a very restrictive diet where he could not be exposed to even a drop of egg.

After this point, every 3 or 6 months, we would do a challenge.  The throat issues took a year to go away, where we were no longer in fear when he was exposed to eggs even in small amounts.  It took 4 years before we would allow him to do a food challenge with french toast.  But he still could not eat eggs.

Now he is 20 years old, and he says that he can eat scrabbled eggs in the morning and he is fine.

Did my son have other sensitivity issues?

Yes, he did.  We would put a hat on his head and he would complain it was itchy.  Any clothes that were not made with 100% cotton, he would complain were itchy.  We had to wash his clothes with a specific soap, using the smallest amount of soap, and no fabric softener.  We had to buy special shampoo, and special soap.

Yes, it was annoying to make these adjustments in our lives (not to mention these products were more expensive than regular versions), but the end result is a 20 year old man who is doing great.

Message for Tel Aviv University

You could have saved yourself 10 years of research my simply talking to people like Carly and my son.

But the real question is how many more years is it going to take you before you finally make the connection between undiagnosed food allergies and Autism (or more realistically, Autistic-like behavior and symptoms).

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