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10 Tips To Decorate Home With Houseplants

Interior design is a way of creating and arranging the spaces in which we live and work. They should be comfortable and give us pleasure both visually and physically.10 Tips To Decorate Home With And natural materials play a special role here: wooden furniture, stone finishes, and animal skins that are used as carpets or for decorative pillows – all of this is designed to constantly remind us of nature when we are at home. But perhaps the most important and rewarding way to bring nature into your home is through plants.10 Tips To Decorate Home With 

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As a decor, houseplants are absolutely universal. They make the atmosphere at home cozy and calm. In addition, plants bring great health benefits,10 Tips To Decorate Home With as they saturate the air with oxygen. If you are not well versed in houseplants, do not worry because you can always use plant identifier upload photo and get information about a particular plant. Lily developed by Laraun is very popular today, as it offers users a lot of functionality. Be sure to use this app on your phone and look below for valuable tips on decorating your home with houseplants.

Useful Tips for Those Who Decide to Decorate Their Home with Houseplants

If you want to use houseplants in your home but don’t know how to create a good indoor plants decor, the following tips will help you with this:

  1. When choosing a location for an outdoor plant, make sure it has sufficient light. Also, make sure the size of the plant fits the size of your room. For example, palm trees and other tall plants will be a good solution for attics or rooms with high ceilings. But do not think that this option is not suitable for small rooms. Oddly enough, large plants and small spaces are also compatible. Such a solution visually increases the space;
  2. When decorating with houseplants, you should remember that green is not the only color that is available to you. Flowering plants serve as a bright accent that enlivens the space. Thus, for example, interior designers have long used the orchid in their projects. It attracts attention due to its sculptural silhouette and attractive inflorescences. Wherever you put an orchid, it will always attract the eye;
  3. By choosing the right flower pot, almost any indoor flower can become a real interior decoration. Hanging planters in a variety of formats are a great alternative to window sill pots. Transparent models with plants that do not need soil look especially impressive. Fans of elegant solutions will surely appreciate the neat and unusual mini planters, which will find a place even in the tiniest corner of the apartment. Models on magnets can be placed on a refrigerator or magnetic boards, making up an original phyto composition. View examples by opening a browser on your iPhone and entering the appropriate query;
  4. Not all of us are experienced gardeners, and caring for some plants can be difficult and time-consuming. If you find it difficult to care for whimsical houseplants, look for houseplants that are unpretentious and do not require special care. For example, cacti or succulents. They do not need frequent watering and do not suffer from a lack of sunlight. In addition to their unpretentiousness, these plants have a spectacular appearance that works very aesthetically in interiors with a modern design;
  5. Transparent flora cubes with colored edges are a vivid example of how an ordinary houseplant can become a real design element of decor, combining style, aesthetics, and practicality. The minimalistic design makes the solution versatile, and suitable for any interior. And multi-level drainage protects the roots from excess moisture and allows you to water the flowers less often. So, take advantage of this unique solution;
  6. Another solution that you should pay attention to is an aqua farm that combines an aquarium and miniature plants. Such a system is not only original but also self-sufficient. It allows you to do without watering and fertilizing indoor flowers, as well as without cleaning the aquarium. The secret is that the waste products of the fish nourish the roots;
  7. There are many creative ways to fill your home with plants that combine aesthetics and functionality. For example, you can grow lavender at home or in the office to combat stress, or set up a “hanging garden” with herbs in your kitchen. Using small pots, you can grow many wonderful fresh herbs at home that will not only beautify your space but also add freshness and spice to your cooking;
  8. Phytowalls, which are gaining popularity, is a powerful decorative technique and a significant contribution to a comfortable indoor microclimate. If desired, you can equip such a wall with lighting, and automatic watering, and even connect it to your iPhone or the “smart home” system. Take a close look at this original solution. It allows the creation of a unique decor in the room;
  9. A simple but effective solution to organize a “green corner” in a city apartment is to use special coasters, and pedestals for flowers. It is not difficult to equip such a corner and add zest to the interior, so many resorts to this solution today;
  10. Don’t forget to pay attention to accessories. For example, you can use a herbarium by decorating it beautifully on the wall.

Put the above expert tips into practice and create an original decor in your home without any difficulties!

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