10 signs your car needs a service

10 signs your car needs a service. Without a doubt, your car, regardless of model or size, requires regular service. Regular maintenance is an essential element of automobile ownership. You may be aware of the maximum number of kilometres that your vehicle can travel before requiring service. But there are other things to consider.

Strange noises, less responsive brakes, and sudden outbursts of smoke are all warning signs that your vehicle needs to be serviced. If you do not, you may face major financial repercussions.

You may become cautious if your vehicle blows smoke. But what about the less visible indicators? The following list of indicators of a car in need of service is provided for your consideration.

10 signs your car needs a service

Here are the 10 signs your car needs a service. Read out and learn more about your car.

Strange noises – Car Service

You may hear funny or strange noises from your car, such as squeals or squeaks, which signal that there is a problem with your vehicle that needs to be addressed. What does the strange noise indicate to you? It may mean that there is some problem with the fan belt or braking system.

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A high-pitched screech when the ignition is turned on, for example, may be caused by fan belt deterioration.

A screeching noise while driving indicates that your car tyres may need to be re-balanced.

Any weird noises or sounds you haven’t heard previously might be a clue that your car is having trouble.


Large leaks may be discovered beneath your car on the floor where you regularly park. This is a clear indication that your vehicle needs to be serviced soon. You could see a vivid green or reddish-brown tint, which might be coolant or transmission oil.

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Warning lights

If you observe an indicator light on your dashboard, consult your owner’s handbook to determine what it represents. Warning lights will alert you to a variety of issues, such as a dead battery, a burned-out headlight bulb, a transmission fault, and so on. In modern vehicles, the oil condition is monitored well through the sensors in the car. You will be notified to change the oil in your Subaru Forester immediately.

Poor brakes

Your braking must always be quick and crisp. They are, in several respects, the most vital parts of your car, which is why auto companies spend so much time and money making sure they perform right and reliably. In case the brakes do not work as expected, immediate service is a must.

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Poor braking indicates that they must be replaced since their shelf life has expired. So, if your brakes fail for any reason, you must get them checked out as soon as possible.

Unusual smoke emissions

Unusual smoke emissions from the exhaust or beneath the hood of the automobile must be examined immediately. Black smoke from the tailpipe might indicate an oil leak, obstruction, or carbon accumulation in the system. If smoke comes from under the hood of the car, then it indicates that your car is not working properly.


You may notice strange vibrations in your car that are serious symptoms of worn or imbalanced tyres or failure of the steering system of your vehicle. Even the brake discs’ wearing issue might be a problem.


You may experience a sudden stall even when you are in the correct gear in your car. This sudden stalling problem might be an engine problem. Yet, other reasons for sudden stalling are clogged fuel filters or defective spark plugs. You will have to work on it without a second thought by contacting a service technician.

The engine is difficult to start.

You might be experiencing difficulty starting your engine very often. When you turn the key, the engine should start promptly and then settle into a consistent buzz before you drive away. Any deviation from this pattern is likely to cause problems. If your car’s engine does not start immediately for a long time, it needs immediate service.

You will have to check the battery terminal connections for any issues. There might be corrosion causing problems, and hence it has to be cleaned by using a wire brush. However, you will have to contact a service technician to clean and replace the battery if it is old.

Inconsistent gear changes. Service of your car

It is common that gear changes get slowed down a little from one service to another. Even though your car’s gear appears responsive after a service, it may slow down when it’s time for the next service. You may not detect the problem since it appears to be minor at first. However, as time passes, you will begin to notice it. Surprisingly, you may have significant difficulty during an important occasion or in difficult traffic conditions.

Due to sluggish gear changes, your car’s performance declines. Hence, it makes your transmission slow, which is not acceptable. Aside from the car’s technical faults, poor starts are also caused by several environmental conditions. If your car’s gear seems slower than usual in the morning, it might be due to the winter chill that is prevalent there.

Engine warning light

It is critical that you pay close attention to the warning lights on your dashboard. If there are any problems with your vehicle, the warning lights will glow. The existence of numerous warning lights indicating various problems, such as a lamp being out, an oil pressure alert, or a dead battery, is a significant signal to the owner. The warning lights also display a decreased power warning and a security alert.

Among the warning lights, the engine light warning should catch your notice right away. You must take this warning seriously and without hesitation.

Final words – Car Service

The several symptoms listed above notify you that your vehicle may require service. A timely service work produces the greatest results; otherwise, you will have to invest huge money and effort afterwards. Find a reliable service specialist for your vehicle’s servicing.

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