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10 Exciting Things to Do in Paphos, Cyprus

People who move to Cyprus usually prefer to settle down in Paphos. Due to the peaceful environment and low crime rate, you have a great time in the district. Moreover, the city offers you a range of exciting things. Once you rent or buy a property in Paphos, you need to visit all these places to experience the local flavor.

When it comes to buying a property for sale in Paphos, you need to find the right builder. Also, Pafilia is the largest construction company in Cyprus that offers amazing discounts on stunning properties. Learn more about how to buy a property for sale in Paphos.

Regardless of whether you are buying a property or visiting Paphos as a tourist, the city offers you amazing activities. Thus, we have compiled a list of things to do in Paphos to have a memorable experience.

Aphrodite’s Rock

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of beauty and love. The place “Aphrodite’s Rock” is believed to be the birthplace of the goddess. As per Legend, the goddess rose from the sea and came to this place.

According to local people, if you swim around the rock three times, you will be blessed with eternal beauty. However, the sea is rough and you should try to avoid going to the sea.

If you visit the place at sunset, it offers an amazing view. In Paphos, it is definitely one of the most romantic activities. If you buy a property for sale in Paphos, this is the place to have a romantic evening.

Mount Olympus

Being the highest point of the island, the mount attracts a lot of tourists. People who love hiking should climb the mountain during their visit to Paphos. The height of Mount Olympus is only 1,952 meters.

The highest point offers you stunning views of the island and its amazing beaches. However, it is not an easy hike. You must be fit enough to try climbing the mount.

During winter, the mount is covered with snowmaking it perfect for skiing.

Taste Wine

With over 6,000 years of winemaking experience, the island offers you amazing wines. If you take a wine tour, they will take you to visit Kolossi Castle. Moreover, It was the most important location of winemaking in the past. Now, it is surrounded by vineyards producing the oldest and Cyprus’s best wine, Commandaria.

Many villages are responsible for grape-growing and winemaking. Also, Vouni Panayia and Vasilikon are the best wineries in the district. In October and November, there is a huge wine event with a range of festivities. So, to enjoy the annual grape festival, you should visit Kilani. Thus, people who buy a property for sale in Paphos get an unlimited supply of quality wine. 

Turtle Spotting Trip

If you ask a wildlife lover what to do in Paphos, the first thing they will suggest to you is to witness turtles swimming in the sea. So, at the north of Paphos, sea turtles nest on the sandy beaches from May to August.

Visiting Lara Bay Turtle Conservation Station is an excellent idea to watch hatchlings and know more about them. However, you shouldn’t go near turtles or their nests.

Many tour operators offer their services to take you on a turtle spotting trip. Instead of going alone, you should go with a tour operator to have a better experience.

Underwater Shipwreck

About 42 meters below the sea surface, there is the Zenobia shipwreck. It is located one mile away from Larnaca. Unfortunately, the ferry sank in 1980 with 104 trucks and trailers.

The shipwreck is home to many fish species. It is one of the most memorable scuba diving experiences in the world. Not only the Paphos, but it is also clearly one the best things to do in the world.

Thankfully, there are many scuba diving tours and you can join them to have a lifetime experience.

Kato Paphos Archaeological Park

If you like to visit historical places, you would probably visit this park before going anywhere else. It is home to historical ruins. From the Middle Ages to the Roman Empire, there are remains of the historical building.

Despite the passage of time, there is a lot to witness for history lovers. It takes you back to the noble past of Cyprus.

Moreover, the park is home to the Tombs of the Kings. Inspired by ancient Egyptian tradition, the tombs are similar to houses. Once you buy a property for sale in Paphos, you have to visit historical buildings. 

Blue Lagoon Beach

Blue Lagoon Beach is one of the cleanest beaches on the island. It is accessible by undeveloped road or boat.

If you love nature, you should probably go on a boat. It allows you to witness stunning views. However, adventure lovers should go on a 4×4 vehicle via a dirt road.

Abandoned Village of Evretou

If you want to see how the island division affected Cyprus, you must visit this place. It takes you back into the past. The village was abandoned by locals during the 1970 war and it is unchanged.

Having a walk through the abandoned village is a lifetime experience. It is only two miles away from Symou village. However, the dirt road requires a 4×4 vehicle to avoid any trouble.

Avakas Gorge

Probably, the only area of the island remains unchanged. There is no modern development at all. The rock formations of the gorge due to a river offer an amazing view. It is a unique experience as you can’t find any similar place on the island.

If you can wake up early and have a morning walk at the gorge, you would never forget this walk. However, the two miles trail is slippery and you should wear appropriate shoes.

Taste Olive Oil

Being the most essential part of Mediterranean dishes, you should visit an olive park and taste them. You can witness the farming and extraction process of olives. Tasting olive oil at a rural farm is a perfect treat for food lovers.

Parting Words 

Finally, Paphos is one of the culturally richest cities in Europe. From history to geography, Cyprus is a melting pot of history.  And, Paphos is a hot spot in it. So visit this natural wonder and immerse yourself in thousands and thousands of years of history.  

Cyprus welcomes you with open arms

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